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Small Air Plant

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  • Because we love fluff— Tectorum is hands down the fuzziest air plant there is! Native to Ecuador, Tillandsia Tectorum absorbs moisture through its pronounced trichromes (or the fluff) in nutrient deficient environments. Drought-tolerant. One of the easiest houseplant here is! Display it by the windowsill or along with your favorite trinkets on a shelf for a warm and cozy look.


    Width: 4.0″ – 5.0″
    Height: 2.0″ – 3.0″


    Width: 2.0″ – 3.0″
    Height: 1.5″ – 2.0″

    – Air plants are fun and easy to grow
    – No soil needed!
    – Air plants thrive on light and water
    – Covered by our 30 Day Guarantee


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