Air Friend has a new shop now!

Air Friend has a new shop now! Get your cute gifts at with FREE shipping on all orders.

Can’t find us anymore when you search for Air Friend or gifts on Etsy? We are not used to this either. Many friends and customers have been asking us about our recent disappearance on Etsy. And I want to thank you for being there when I need you the most.

Say thanks for being there with air friend yellow calcite air planter gift
Really guys… thank you SO MUCH for being there <3

Air Friend has found our new home at As usual, you can always find me on Instagram @airfriendshop or text/call me anytime.

Since we opened shop in 2016, we have shipped over 40,000+ Air Friends to all our customers. Thanks to all your love and support we have with over ‎7,360 honest reviews and a 5-star rating. To this day, every Air Friend is uniquely handmade at our studio. 

We are so grateful for the outpour of support and warm messages we received from all our friends and customers in the last few days. So why have we disappeared on Etsy? We have been trying to get in touch with Etsy to help us understand why we have been closed on their platform overnight.

We received an auto-reply from Etsy for “not meeting service level standard expectation”.

Confused, we gave Etsy a call. And then we were told on the phone that “Etsy may refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason”.

Despite showing the platform that we are taking longer than usual for two shipments because we are currently waiting for an item that is out of stock to be shipped to us so we can ship a replacement to the customer our shop has been closed. 

Was I a perfect shop owner? By no means. Did I expect to tell my team and customers on a Wednesday morning that Etsy just closed the shop because of two back-order request while we have a 5-star rating with over ‎7,360 reviews? Absolutely not.

To this day we do not know why they decided to closed the shop.

Yes I am heartbroken.

Very much so.

I still remember the magical moment when I made the first gift. I love making gifts for you guys and now I will continue beyond Etsy.

Over the years we overcame many challenges and changes together. Although this is a big change I just know that we will get through this one as well 🙂

While we were looking through the “service level standard” document in the auto-reply we wondered why we should limit ourselves to meeting some generic standards. Why not go above and beyond?

What’s new on

+ FREE shipping on all US orders (no minimum required)+ More cool new customized gifts in the coming weeks

+ New gift wraps and gift boxes

+ 100% satisfaction guarantee+ You will have my direct phone number. No long wait on messages. No auto-reply. Just call, text, or DM me for anything.

+ You will have my direct phone number. No long wait on messages. No auto-reply. Just call, text, or DM me for anything.   

Have fun and stay WILD! I love you all.



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  1. Thank you so much for contacting/reaching out to me. I think your “shop” is wonderfully unique. Trust that all things happen for a reason and everything will work out even better for you. Best of luck to you. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

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