is air plant tillandsia safe for dogs and cats pets

Are Air Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs?

If you have fluffy friends at home, you might be wondering whether air plant tillandsias are safe to keep around the house. That is a very good question since there are many houseplants that are actually toxic to cats and dogs.

is air plant tillandsia safe for dogs and cats pets

The good news is air plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs! So if your pets happen to ingest an air plant, they should be fine.

But keep in mind that while air plants are safe for pets, your cats and dogs are not necessarily “safe” for the plants. A lot of pets love to chew on houseplants, especially the ones with succulent leaves. Some brave ones have even been reported to chew on cacti!


It’s always a safe practice to keep your pets away from the air plants. Display your air plants on a shelf (hopefully not one your cat can jump onto) or hang it somewhere high. Hanging air plant jellyfish, for example, can be displayed by the window or somewhere higher than where your pets can reach.

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What to do if my cat/dog ate my air plant

If your cats or dogs have already gotten to the plant by the time you are reading this article, all hope is not lost. Air plants are very hardy and sometimes they can recover from the trauma if you give it a fighting chance.


Trim off any broken tips and care for your tillandsia as usual. You may notice new leaves coming out from the base or main stem. Sometimes the air plant may even pup (have little baby plants) if the mother plant decides to put all the remaining energy into propagating itself. So be patient and make sure you keep a safe distance between your pets and air plants!


3 thoughts on “Are Air Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs?

  1. I recently purchased some air plants from eBay, that were beautiful and very colorful…when they arrived, they didn’t look as healthy as my other air plants. The seller said the dye they used was non harmful, but I’m not convinced of this. Any suggestions on what I can do, to help nurse them back to health? Thanks

  2. This plant’s eye-catching hue and soft, curling leaves add a pop to minimal decor and are safe for cats. It can live up high on a hanging basket and just requires bright, indirect light for part of the day.

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