Air Plant Tillandsia Tectorum

Can You Cut An Air Plant?


Whether you are working on an air plant DIY project or just thinking about trimming off some tried tips, you might be wondering if you can cut the air plant, much like you do with succulents. And here’s the good news: air plants (tillandsias) are very forgiving when it comes to trimming.


Can you trim the leaves of an air plant?

Yes you can! Although the cut leave will not regrow themselves from the part where you made a cut, new leaf materials will continue to grow at the base of the cut leaves. Air plants will also develop new leaves over time as well.


Trimming the dried tips…

Get a clean pair of scissors and trim off the dried tips at roughly a 45 degree angle. The angled cut will leave your plant looking natural and gorgeous after grooming.  Trimming the dried tips is a very safe and common practice so feel free to do it as often as you need!


Plucking the dried leaves…

You may notice some dried and crispy leaves, especially toward the base of the plant. This is very normal for air plants. Dried leaves at the bottom of the plant can typically be left alone. But if you really want to, gently pluck the dried leaves. Just make sure you don’t pull out too many bottom leaves that the air plant becomes unstable. 


Can you trim the roots of an air plant?

As epiphytes, air plants only need their roots for mounting themselves to tree branches and rocks in nature. It is safe to cut the roots as much as you want. You may notice some roots growing back after a while. But they tend to grow very slowly and you can remove them again if you wish.



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