Misting Your Air Plant

Do You Need To Water Air Plants?


In short, yes

Despite what the name suggests, air plants (tillandisas) so not live on air alone. In fact, air plants enjoy air, light, and water just like any other plants.


How do tillandsias absorb water if it doesn’t have soil?

Display your air plant anywhere you like! No soil or pot needed.

What makes air plants different from most of the other house plants, besides looking way cooler, is how it absorbs water.


You will find a silvery layer of fuzz on the leaves if you examine closely. This “coat of fur” consists of many little trichromes. Trichromes are special scales that act as water receptors.


So instead of getting water through the roots, air plants drink water directly through their leaves with the trichromes. This gives air plant the unique ability to grow without roots or soil and pretty much mount on anything to their liking.


How do you water an air plant?

Misting Your Air Plant

Mist your air plant thoroughly with a spray bottle.

The easiest way to water your air plants is misting. We typically recommend misting your plants 2-3 times a week.


With that said, you can also dip your air plant in a bowl of water or let it soak once or twice a week for 30 minutes each time.


Simply fill your spray bottle with water and mist the plant until it is completely wet.


By the time you are done misting, the entire plant should be wet. And water should be running down from the leaves the way they would after a rainstorm in the forest.

How often do you water an air plant?

A general rule of thumb is to mist your plants 2-3 times a week.

How often do you water an air plant?
No two plants are the same. Learn how to tailor the watering schedule to your plant in our article, How Often Do You Water An Air Plant

And don’t forget to let your tillandsias dry by the window or under a fan after each watering. Although they love water, air plants are also susceptible to fungal infections if they are left sitting in a puddle or stay moist for too long. So make sure your plants dry within 4 hours of watering.


When is the best time to water air plants?

I typically water my plants in the morning so they will have plenty of time to dry during the day. Other than that reason, you can pretty much water your tillandsias anytime you like. 



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