how to water air plants by soaking

How long do you soak air plants?


There are many great ways to water your air plants. And if you decide to soak them, make sure you don’t leave the plants in water for too long.


Air plants can turn brown and eventually rot if they don’t dry out properly.



How long do you soak your air plants on the first day?

how to water air plants by soaking

Soak your air plants once a week for 30 minutes at a time.

If you just received your air plants in mail, feel free to let them soak in a bowl of water for ~8 hours. This would completely hydrate the plants after a long journey on the road.


Once your tillandsias are done soaking, gently shake off any water in excess and let them dry by the window or under the fan. Wind drying your air plants at somewhere with good circulation is essential to keep them healthy.


When choosing a spot to dry your plants, make sure the plants are kept away from

  1. Direct sunlight
  2. Extreme heat (ex. stove, heater, etc.)
  3. Frost (ex. near the windowsill when it’s below 50Foutside)



How long do you soak your air plants typically?

After the first intensive soaking, you can resume to the regular soaking schedule of once a week. Let your tillandsias soak for ~20 minutes each time and wind dry afterwards.


If your plants are kept in an air conditioned or heated environment, soak them twice a week to compensate for the dry atmosphere. Misting in between each soaking would also keep your plant hydrated.



How long do you soak air plants to revive them from extreme dryness?

Keep in mind that soaking for longer does not necessarily hydrate your plants more. Air plants will stop absorbing watering once it takes in the optimal amount of moisture. This is why misting and dipping your plants can be just as good for your plants depending on how thoroughly your wet the plants.


If you want to revive a very dry plant, soak it more often— every other day instead of once a week. Just make sure the plants are given enough time to dry thoroughly after each soaking.


More importantly, be careful which types of air plant you have when you decide to soak them. It’s much safer to mist certain kinds of tillandsias rather than to soak them.


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