Tillandsia Caulescens

How Often Do You Water An Air Plant?

As you wonder how do you care for air plants, you may also be wondering how often do you water your air plants. We typically recommend misting them 2-3 times a week (or once a week if you soak your plants).


This is a nice and easy way to start if you are new to air plants. But once your air plant collection grows to include a few different varieties, you may realize this standard watering schedule does not always work for every plant.


The best way to make sure every plant is healthy and alive is to tailor the watering schedule to their individual needs. To do that, you want to understand:

  1. What type of air plant is it; and
  2. How much sun and heat your air plant is exposed to


What type of air plant is it?

Finding out what type of air plant you have is the first step to figuring out how much water your plant needs. With over 500 species and hybrids, tillandsias have varying needs when it comes to moisture and climate.


Which air plants need to be watered MORE frequently?

As a general rule of thumb, the following plants need to be watered more frequently:

  1. Less established baby plants (pups)
  2. Plants with thinner foliage
  3. Bright green plants without a thick coat of fur (trichromes)


Some examples of water loving plants that can take water every day include:

Tillandsia Caulescens

Tillandsia Stricta (including various varietals and Stricta hybrids)
Air Plant Tillandsia Stricta

Tillandsia Aeranthos Bergeri (including various varietals and Aeranthos hybrids)
Air Plant Tillandsia Aeranthos Bergeri


Which air plants need to be watered LESS frequently?

On the other hand, the following plants require less water:

  1. Mature plants
  2. Plants with broad leaves
  3. Plants with more pronounced trichromes (or a thicker silvery fur coat)


Some examples of drought tolerant plants that can take water once a week include:

Tillandsia Xerographica

Air Plant Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia Tectorum

Air Plant Terrarium Tillandsia Tectorum

Tillandsia Duratii

air plant tillandsia duratii


How much sun and heat your air plant is exposed to?

When you see the leaves curling in that means you want to water it more


Once you determine whether the plant is more water loving or drought tolerant, you can adjust the watering schedule based on the temperature and humidity of the growing environment.


On hot and dry days, water your plants more frequently to keep them hydrated. This can mean misting them every day or every other day.


Whereas on cold and humid days, your plants are happy with just 1-2 misting per week.

If you keep your plant in the office or an air conditioned/ heated space, try watering your plants more frequently to prevent them from drying out.


How often is TOO often?

While air plants need water to stay healthy and alive, they also need some time to dry out. Leaving your tillandsias drenched all the time promotes fungal activities, which can result in root rot that will eventually kill the plants.


Watering once every day is typically enough, even for the most water loving air plants on hot, dry days.


For those of you who keep your plants in a very dry environment with the AC turned on throughout the day, you may want to give your plants a light mist of water just to slow down the drying process. Try to keep your watering frequency to a maximum of every 4 hours if you must water them. This will give the plants sufficient time to completely dry out before the next watering.



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