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SALE! Colorful Air Plants

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Add a dash of color to your space with this set of 4 colorful air plants! They look gorgeous in terrariums, sea urchin planters, and so many other settings.

Value pack of 4 air plants: Tillandsia Capitata Domingensis (Burgundy), Tillandsia Ionantha Guat. (Blushing Red), Tillandsia Brachycaulos (Lime Green), Tillandsia Montana (Emerald Green)


– Air plants are fun and easy to grow
– No soil needed!
– Perfect for terrariums, driftwood planters,
and sea urchin air planters
– Air plants thrive on light and water
– Covered by our 30 Day Guarantee


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Air Plant Care Instructions

It’s fun and easy to care for air plants. Take the plant/ planter out when you receive the package. Follow the air plant care guide inside the box to get started. Your plant will thrive with some indirect light (natural sunlight or office fluorescent lighting), good air circulation, and 2-3 mists of water every week. Make sure your plant dries within 4 hours to keep it healthy.

Check out our ultimate care guide for detailed tips on taking care of your air plant.

Product Details

Plant Name T. Capitata Domingensis, T. Ionantha Guat. (Blushing), T. Brachycaulos, T. Montana
Display Setting Small/Medium/Large terrariums, sea urchin air planters, driftwood planters
Light Bright indirect sunlight or office fluorescent lighting
Water Mist 2-3 times a week
Temperature 50-80 °F

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Weight 3.5 oz


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