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New Job Gift

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  • Brighten up your home or office with this one-of-a-kind quartz crystal air plant garden! Each piece is handmade with genuine quartz crystal. A perfect accent for creating a look of understated sophistication in any space.

    Crystal Meaning:
    Quartz crystal has long been associated with positive energy and harmony.

    Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. The air plant is mounted on the crystal with plant safe adhesive to keep your plant healthy and beautiful for many years to come.

    Size: ~1.8″ – 2.5″

    – Handmade at our studio
    – Crystal meaning card included!
    – Made with genuine crystal and a live air plant that grows
    – Air plants are fun and easy to grow
    – No soil needed!
    – Covered by our 30 Day Guarantee
    – Each gift comes with its own gift box and a free gift tote


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