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Tillandsia Duratii

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  • A whimsical piece of art by nature. Tillandsia Duratii is a must-have for your air plant collection if you like quirky plants with personality. This smart plant has adapted its leaves to twist around tree branches for support in nature. The curly leaves and exotic form make Duratti the perfect plant for displaying with hanging planters or by itself. We also love the remarkable fragrance of its blossom during blooming season. The plant produces one of the most fragrant blossoms among all air plants.

    Width: 7.0″ – 10.0″
    Height: 4.0″ – 6.0″

    – Air plants are fun and easy to grow
    – No soil needed!
    – Air plants thrive on light and water
    – Covered by our 30 Day Guarantee



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