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Tillandsia Straminea Bush

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  • This super value pack of 12 air plants has all the air plants that you need to start your own tillandsia collection! Add these hardy air plants to your terrariums, sea urchin air planters, and DIY projects!

    Set of 12 air plants: Tillandsia Bulbosa, Tillandsia Straminea Bush, Tillandsia Stricta, Tillandsia Ionantha Guat., Tillandsia Seideliana, Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra, Tillandsia Bandensis, Tillandsia Scaposa, Tillandsia Juncea, Tillandsia Caput Medusae, Tillandsia Aeranthos Bergeri, Tillandsia Tenuifolia Bronze Tip


    – Air plants are fun and easy to grow
    – No soil needed!
    – Perfect for terrariums, driftwood planters,
    and sea urchin air planters
    – Air plants thrive on light and water
    – Covered by our 30 Day Guarantee



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