What is air fern Air Friend air plant care guide

What is Air Fern?

Is it air fern or air plant? We get this question a lot. 

Sea Urchin Air Planter Real Air Plant New Year Gift By Air Friend
White Sea Urchin Air Planter Happy New Year Gift By Air Friend


Although the name “air fern” sounds like a plant, air fern is actually an animal. That’s right. Air fern is a sea creature closely related to coral and jellyfish. 

A species of hydrozoan, air fern (Sertularia argentea) is sometimes known as sea fir.

Is Air Friend made with air fern?

All Air Friend gifts at PlantsAndBeautifulThings.com are made with air plant.

Also known as tillandsia, air plant is part of the Bromeliad family. That make air plants a close cousin to the juicy pineapples we eat!

While air fern lives in the ocean, air plant lives on land.

How to care for air plants?

Air plants are fun and easy to grow. Just like other houseplants, air plants thrive on some water, light, and air.


How to care for air plant tillandsia
How to care for air plant tillandsia


Water your air plant tillandsia by soaking it in a bowl of water or misting your air plant with a water bottle. You can also feed your air plant with some air plant food once a month to give the plant an extra boost of nutrients.

We also have a comprehensive air plant care guide to help you care for your air plants. Leave us a comment below if you need help on how to care for air plants!

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