Where can I buy Air Friend?

Air Friend is sold exclusively at our own shop here at

Since every piece is uniquely handmade at our studio in Colorado we only sell on to ensure every Air Friend meets our highest quality standards.


I’ve seen some crystal air plant gifts sold as Air Friend elsewhere, are they real?

Although we have many look-alikes (wink-wink) on the internet, especially on platforms like Etsy and Amazon, Air Friend is only sold at our own shop here at

We design every Air Friend crystal air plant garden as well as the gift packaging at our studio. Here at Air Friend we believe in quality and originality make a difference. And we deliver that belief through every gift we make.

Can I still buy Air Friend on Etsy or Amazon?

Air Friend has moved (previously! You can now buy Air Friend handmade gifts at

Please find us on Instagram @airfriendshop or text/call me anytime. We are always here to help you with your crystal air plant gift orders.

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